Numbers Rule

The restored Clinton tax plan won’t raise taxes on 97 percent of small businesses.

It won’t raise taxes on 98 percent of Americans.

This one step takes us to the tax code of the booming 90s, but Congressional republicans have, since Obama reintroduced it, fought to prevent the plan from being restored.

Repubs want tax loopholes to be closed. I am happy they want fairness.

Repubs want entitlements to be reconsidered. I am happy they want to pursue detail and analysis.

Repubs do not want tax rates to return to Clinton levels. This is not detailed or fair. I am not happy. I really liked the 90s.

On a related note, for any Republican – like the previous presidential candidate – to say that people vote Democrat to receive gifts and be dependent is to say that Republican voters do all work that generates all American GDP. It is to say Repub voters across the spectrum don’t use government assistance. Dumb and offensive.

Another offensive concept is that the problem with the economy is that the rich don’t have enough – that more money for the rich equates to more jobs for Americans.

The middle-class are the job creators in America (Fox face explosion!). No matter how much you lower tax rates, “if you don’t have more customers, you won’t hire more workers […] the direct route to reducing unemployment is boosting demand, not reducing costs.” (Harvey, Forbes)

The rich find out how to be on the receiving end of middle-class money.

There are a variety of methods to get rich, of course. Some people work hard physically, some mentally. Some people get rich with intense detail, some with simplicity. Some get rich quick with good timing, some climb steady for decades. Some get rich because they are generous, some get rich because they are selfish. Some people don’t have to work to get rich. Some people get lucky.

I personally believe in self-reliance and equal opportunity (fair playing field). I believe in low tax rates and tax investments (spend smart).

Let the numbers live, baby. Let ’em breathe.


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