Chico High Film Appreciation: Notes on Ferris Bueller (Day 2)

Ferris; “Meek get pinched…never surrender…the bold survive.” Surrender to what?

Sister, Jeannie: Sibling rivalry. She cannot break out of modern society without getting caught.

Ferris: Futurist. Less work, more leisure.

Art institute of Chicago: Peace, calm, love (kissing), inspiration, introspection, transcendence

German parade: Celebration, unity, song, dance, joy, leisure. European socialism. ” Ferris lipsyncs “Danke Shoen” – “thank you kindly” in German. Also sung by sister leaving police station after love encounter

Lucky rabbit’s foot in car evading father (middle class America). Allusion to some luck in travels, endeavors

“Community rally’s around sick youth” newspaper headline read by father. Callback to sentiment by maitre d. Current society criticizing motives of youth, future

Cam: “Everything works for (Ferris)…school, future…Ferris can do anything.” Statement on potential of future (Euro Soc?)

African Americans appear for second time during German parade, in unison in dance group. Happiness, love, fluidity, success.

American flags throughout German parade, blending of two, displaying celebration, joy, communal success

“Save Ferris” on water tower & Wrigley screen. Socialistic American policies dying under Reaganomics (voodoo economics)?

Principal as “male Caucasian intruder” into Ferris’ home. Government “intrusion” into middle class. Fear of robbery, rape by current Gov system

Ferris: “Cameron has never been in love. No one has ever loved him.” Son of wealth, height of American capitalism, without human love. “You can’t respect somebody who kisses your ass.” Critique on US capitalism, system lacking respect between economic classes & roles.

Sloan: “Sooner or later everybody goes to the zoo.” Everyone goes crazy and/or becomes a part of an institution like a zoo, i.e. retirement home. Happens to all regardless of quality of society or individuality.

Cam goes from catatonic to…fake suicide? Unsympathetic to others, suicidal pattern. Ferris on Cam: He’s “blown a microchip or two.” Android, soulless, machine.

Jeannie on killing Ferris: “No, not yet…” Her sentiment: why should Ferris get leisure when everyone else works? Everyone else (modern US society) gets “caught” if they try to evade work, the government, etc.

Ferris the futurist: He, like society, like individuals, like the car, cannot go in reverse. “The miles aren’t coming off.”

Sloan OK with nudity, natural state. She’s “not embarrassed.” Non-Biblical. Ferris wants to marry Sloan, but still flirts with women in bikinis, implies openness/poly love/sexuality: Pathos of Euro Soc. Also, female form only thing to bring Cam out of catatonic state/soullessness (Sloan: “Did you see me?”)

Cam wants his dad to know that he went with Ferris on this trip to try to crossover into something else. Cam (of US capitalist wealth): “I’m the problem…I gotta take a stand…I’m tired of being afraid.” Change only from within, etc. Cam: “Right or wrong I’m gonna defend it.” Admits that new direction (Euro Soc) is not fool-proof or guaranteed, but the leap must be taken, the battle fought to change, etc. Cam to his father hypothetically: “Who do you love?” Wealthy capitalist choice: prioritize wealth or family? Implies wealth is priority.

Ferris and Sloan don’t stop Cam from destroying car – symbol of prize, purpose, priority (Ferris specifically holds her back). “You killed the car,” they say.

Asian detective knows and supports Ferris: Police pulling for Euro Soc, yields less crime

Sloan to Cam: “What are you interested in?” Cam” “Nothing.” Extreme leisure.

Kindness from English department; benevolence, progression in literature

British flag, American flag in Ferris’ room. Blending of Euro & US soc. “Slave to live” & “Simple Minds” posters – current US state

Rooney (US Gov authority) goes to back of bus, black student there. Symbology of back of bus. Powerlessness, low class. Student in back: “Bet you never smelled a real school bus before.” Gov powers, policy makers don’t have to experience everyday effects of their policies.


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