What to do About Terror

Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. It’s the most obvious accusation in modern history. We can see that a minuscule portion are. Numbers are numbers. It’s a non-point, a waste of oxygen, and there’s no need to make it.

But this is a religious war. From the killers’ mouths. The attackers are starting a war against non-them. Against sex and alcohol and music and drugs. To these war-wagers, these things are evil-tantamount to mass murder. It is an anti-life action that makes no sense to living things, yet it does to them. Are they the Zombie?

These religious war-wagers who wage in the name if Islam are murdering happy lovers on weekend nights. This is as serious as modern warfare gets.

How do the rest of us defend ourselves? Well, we do it together first and foremost. Then, we focus. We focus on the actors. No one else. We work hard, and we pick them from their roots. Forever.


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