The Impending Change in Guns

There are millions standing in our way. Our best friends. Family we love.

“More, more, more,” they say.

“Laws don’t work,” they say.

“Guns don’t kill people,” they say.

The encouraging fact is that no one disagrees on the end game. From hick to hippie, we all want this to stop. This isn’t always true for polarizing social issues: Abortion, social services, foreign military action, etc.

But regarding the mass murder of peaceful people – women and children – there’s no blurred line between us and an end goal.

If you want every citizen in America to be holding a gun with them everywhere they go, including a high-capacity assault rifle if they see fit, then you better be clear about it. You better repeat to any and everyone you talk to about the weekly gun massacres in America that this is the kind of change and future that you believe in.

Stand up and say, “there isn’t enough liberty in America to carry assault rifles with us on our morning errands!”

Stand up and say, “I want everyone to have any gun they want at all times!”

Chant, “more guns, more guns, more guns!” as you walk down the street, because we need you to. You have no choice but to fight for this specific change this upcoming election season.

You have to take a clear and firm stance on what you believe is the solution to the problem: MORE.

You must figure out how to ensure that there are guns EVERWHERE, ALWAYS.

In order to bring about this change, you can’t unfortunately use any gun. You must use your minds. So be prepared for a battle of the minds – a battle more lengthy and intense than any we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime on guns.

Because this year, things will change. We are going to chose a different path. There is no question that we are at the fork in the road.

We’re all either going your way, or my way.

Clear your path.

Good luck.


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