Quick thoughts on Super Bowl L

I am a huge football fan – favorite sport – but the image from last night that sticks with me most is Lady Gaga in red giving Whitney a run for her money. The number two image also didn’t have anything to do with the game: Marshawn’s cleats. The third is everything that Von Miller is doing, on and off the field. Great role-model. Peyton? Not so much. Don’t forget to drink Budweiser, kids!

Seriously though, to take money from a beer company and shout them out on your Super Bowl podium multiple times during, like, the seminal moment in your career while hundreds of millions of people are watching is scummy, tasteless, greedy, irresponsible, etc. But he’s the media darling while guy’s like Cam are criticized. Hmmmmmmmm.

Von Miller is the one you want as sheriff. Peyton is the saloon owner.


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