On Leo’s Oscar Speech

Reading a thread this morning on Leo’s Oscar speech. Someone on Reddit said this:

“It’s so stupid that climate change has become a political/social issue.

Other aspects of reality that have been politicized: Smoking causes cancer. Evolution. Sex education leads to positive outcomes. Embryonic stem cell research leads to positive outcomes. The dangers posed by and the treatment of substance use/dependence. The direction that money tends to “trickle.”

The whole purpose of verifiable research findings is that the argument over whether something has been observed no longer needs to take place. The argument should be about how to address what has been discovered. Instead facts are successfully countered with rhetoric.”

I suppose people are just stubborn. We don’t like to be wrong. We don’t like our political party to be wrong. This is why pride is a sin. It can cause us to drive off a cliff only so we can tell those trying to turn us around that we’re going in the right direction.

No one looks at pollution in the air, the soil, or waters and says, “it’s fine.” That’s essentially all this is. We are polluting. It’s clear. We know what those pollutants are, and what effects they have. Cleaning up and doing what’s right for the earth is not anti-capitalist. It’s simply selling a different product.

Does the government need to get involved and regulate pollutants, provide research and development, and incentives for new energy? Yeah. We use government sometimes to do positive things for society. Sometimes capitalism needs to be nudged.

The wealthy who need to change their business models will be fine. Don’t worry about them. Worry about conservation. You are conservative, after all.

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